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French chocolatier zChocolat was started in 1999 by Jean-Philippe Khodara and his wife Valerie. The company is known for its distinctively styled premium chocolates and ultra stylish packaging. Their top of the line chocolates come in beautiful mahogany boxes that you’ll want to keep long after the chocolates have gone. The chocolates are produced in Aix-en-Provence, France by award winning chocolatier Pascal Caffet. Their house chocolates have a distinctive look, with each flavour being individually numbered (0 – 15 and “Z”) with the number embossed into the chocolate shell itself. Flavours are typically French, with lots of praline variations. The signature ‘Z’ chocolate is a vanilla bourbon caramel with a crunchy Piedmont hazelnut praline. A wide range of other packaging options are available to customise and enhance the chocolates even further, including engraving, having your photo or logo on the box, USB keys and even heart-shaped padlocks to keep your chocolates safe.

In February 2015, zChocolat was added to the distinguished list of the “The Fifty Best Chocolate” and awarded a gold medal by the website ‘The Fifty Best‘ – an online guide to fine living - for the quality and finesse of each recipe.

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Chocolate Gifts for every celebration; Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Birthday or Wedding & Anniversary. Each selection is available in a variety of sizes to suit your gifting needs. You can personalize your gifts with recipient’s name and a short message. Or with mahogany accessories. All items give information about product details, ingredients and allergens.

Shipping costs vary from free (when you order a minimum of 3 products) up to $ 20,41 (regardless the size of the order). Summer packaging  is based on recipient’s local weather and temperature to guarantee that chocolates arrive in perfect condition anywhere in the world.  

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