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Waterstones' mission is to be the leading bookseller on the high street and online providing customers the widest choice, great value and expert advice from a team passionate about bookselling. Waterstones aims to interest and excite its customers and continually inspire people to read and engage in books. We strive to create places where people who are interested in books can go to browse, a place that encourages new readers to expand horizons and that is home to booksellers that are passionate about the books that they sell.

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You'll find a search box at the top of every page on Search for books by keyword, author, title or ISBN. Or just see all categories. They sell new and used books, but you can also shop for kindle and kindle accessories, ebooks, giftbooks, stationery, toys&games or Waterstones gift cards and vouchers.

Shipping costs vary from free up to £12,50, depending on delivery time.

Waterstones will exchange or refund your items on presentation of a valid receipt (within 30 days and in pristine condition). For electrical items, refunds will be given only if the seal is unbroken and exchanges only if they are faulty.

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