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Velodrome Shop

In 2006 we started www.velodrome.org.uk as a Track Cycling News and Photography website covering Track Cycling events around the world from our base in Staffordshire, United Kingdom. With in-depth coverage of events proving popular with web browsers around the world we decided to add an online shop www.velodromeshop.org.uk and commenced trading as Velodrome Shop.

Concentrating on our specialism of Track Cycling, Velodrome Shop quickly developed a strong client base. Introducing Track Cycling brands like Casco and Bont to the online market in addition to an attractive range of Bikes and Accessories, we served the worldwide demand for professional standard Track Cycling products.

If you are in need of advice please contact us for a consultation, in addition to advice on product selection and answering queries in relation to Velodrome Shop orders we can assist with bike setup and sizing, how to get into Track Cycling and more complex issues such as Track Cycling Specific Coaching.

We are constantly in discussions with manufacturers to assist in the development of products that professional riders require in order to optimise their performance. This benefits you as a Velodrome Shop customer as it ensures the advances in product technology used by professional Track Cyclists are also available to the general public at affordable prices. Our experience and the advice we give ensures that you can be confident both your order and products are 100% right for you so if you have any questions about our products or simply need some advice on what to buy, do not hesitate to get in touch as we are more than happy to help.

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  • Country of Origen: United Kingdom
  • Item: Fitness & Sports
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