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"The process of getting artwork discovered and showcased is a lot like trying to become a movie star. Some people get lucky, but the industry is dominated by an elite cabal of influential people that is not easy to penetrate. UGallery's mission is to "democratize" the process of selling artwork by connecting artists directly with collectors." – VentureBeat

Here at UGallery, we are shaking up the art industry. Gone are the days when art was reserved for elite collectors with deep pockets; UGallery makes it possible for everyone to own original art. Our expansive online storefront features professional artists from around the world, offering clients a diverse range of art at accessible prices.

Since our launch in 2006, we have grown to nearly 2 million followers and now sell artwork in 45 countries. From the Wall Street Journal to Internet Retailer’s Hot 100 Best Retail Websites, we have been labeled a future “mover and shaker” of e-commerce. Our team and community of artists continue to grow as we pursue our original mission: to simplify the vast art industry into a manageable and enjoyable experience.

What do we think about this website 

The homepage has a navigation menu or you can type the name of the product or item you are looking for into the search box at the top of the page and click 'SEARCH'. Refine your selection by size, style, color, subject or price. The selected items shows pictures, details, information about the artist and shipping information.

You can send a Gift Card with a little message. They don’t tell you anything about the amount of the card.

“For The Trade” is for design professionals. You have to sign in.

You can read a lot about artists and collections at their blog.

Shipping and returns are free.

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