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Tribe is an independent, urban, lifestyle retailer. Our goal is simply to create an inviting, honest and progressive store environment, housing a selection of surf, skate and street brands from around the globe. Our umbrella of brands covers Carhartt, Quiksilver, Roxy, Vans, DC, Element, Billabong, Ripcurl, Hurley, Wesc, Obey, Oakley, Etnies, Brooks, Converse Hoff, Globe, Penny, and Footwear.

Why Tribe? Our name comes from our ethos of creating a "tribe" or sense of belonging through our clothing brands we offer. We wanted to be more than another clothes store, we believed in the surf and skate movement that was sweeping the globe and the idea that what you wear reflects the lifestyle you want to create.

Tribe first opened its doors in 1992, an Irish owned and family run company with a simple mandate: to bring the sunny, Californian, surf lifestyle to Dublin, or at least the desired clothing to enjoy that lifestyle! We were at the heart of the evolution of the lifestyle dressing trend. Comfortable, Durable, Culture driven clothes from the developing global surf brands. We were always skaters at heart and offered a strong story of core skate shoes from major brands including Vans, Etnies, Converse from day one, and classics like Emerica, Duffs, Gravis and Globe. We have always catered for Men and Women in our stores.

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