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How could one not be inspired by all that “La Douce France” has to offer? Simply listing its many virtues does not easily capture the eternal attraction that most of us feel. Is it the varied landscape, the rich cultural heritage, the Provençal market on a sunny morning, the Gallic insouciance that makes us just a little envious? It seems to be none and all of these things, but we just love it all, or love to hate it.

We too are hooked, so we make it our business to seek out the essence of this enviable lifestyle by foraging through markets and “brocante” shops, old French books, posters and design manuals, to serve as inspiration for our own French House products, from lighting to linen and to what the French respectfully call “arts de la table”.

We are particularly drawn to the high period of French design between the turn of the century and the 1940s when France was at the centre of innovation and artistic endeavour. These classic French patterns and shapes, reinterpreted for the modern age, inspire many of our designs. To find these and more go to the Home part of our website; our extensive range of classic lighting can be found in the new Lighting section.

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