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The Strand was born in 1927 over on Fourth Avenue on what was then called “Book Row.” Book Row covered six city blocks and housed forty-eight bookstores. Ben Bass, the father, was all of twenty-five years old when he began his modest used bookstore. Today, the Strand carries over 2.5 million used, new, and rare books, covering topics as far-ranging as occult to philosophy to finance. The store also offers an ever-changing array of literary gifts and goods from Moleskines to coffee mugs, and everything in-between. Really, we mean everything in-between, from a Shakespeare insult mug to the wildly popular Strand onesie. As we change and grow with the times, we will never lose sight of our roots – we are a community bookstore first and foremost. We are forever invested in you and want to make your shopping experience with us a memorable, enjoyable and easy one. The Strand is a place where books are loved and book lovers of all kind are always welcome.

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Search advanced for products by keyword, title, publisher, price, ISBN. Or just see all categories. They sell new and used books, but you can also shop for audio books, DVD’s, signed editions, rare and collectibles, toys and games, socks, posters, calendars and gift cards.

Shipping costs vary from $ 3,99 up to $ 60,00, depending on delivery time and order. Shipping for multi-volume sets is calculated at a per-volume rate. Please note that they do not ship multi-volume sets internationally.

If you’re not happy with your purchase, contact their Customer Service Department. They’ll refund shipping charges, including return shipping charges if the mistake is theirs. Otherwise, they refund the original price of the book(s). Unfortunately, returns are not permitted for international orders.

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