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SPECIALLENS is specialized in selling the most popular circle lens from South Korea and Japan. Variety of colors lens, hyper size, big circles lens are all available at our store. Circle lenses come in all colors and designs from very natural looking to dramatic looking effects like Lady Gaga in Bad Romance. Start browse the website and grab your favorite lens now!

100% safe, approved & certified by KFDA (Korean Food & Drugs Administration), MHLW (Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), ISO (International Standard Organisation) & CE (Conformité Européenne – Europe)

With one of the highest water content at 38-42%, is gives maximum comfort for your eyes throughout the day. It also feels very soft on the eyes. With more than 500,000 girls in Korea using Geo Angel big eye color circle contact lens, it is not doubt this consolidates its position as the big eye color circle contact lens brand and range that gives maximum beauty. It also looks natural on the eyes.

All of contact lens are 100% authentic made by Geo Medical Co., Ltd. (the original manufacturer) & EOS . We import all of our Geo Angel, Geo Nudy and other Geo contact lens directly from Geo Medical Co., Ltd. or its authorized distributors. 

What we think about this website

Shop by colour, series or prescription. Because there are many types of coloured lenses just browse between the categories and product types to find yourself the perfect contact lens. All items are well displayed with product information and pictures. They also offer you the possibility of comparing items and you can leave a comment or read other customers review about the products.

For Standard Air Parcel Mail, flat rate shipping charges for all countries starts with $11 for the first item, additional $2 for the second item.

You may return your purchase within 7 days after receiving your parcel.
Shipping fees will not be refunded, unless there’s something wrong with your purchase.

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