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ProBikeKit was founded by a small team of passionate and committed road cyclists in the late 1990's.

We've been going a while now, building our business on solid foundations where our passion for road cycling is matched only by our relentless commitment to provide our customers with the best road cycling kit at the most affordable prices.

There is a lot of kit out there, from a lot of brands, many are pretenders, some are contenders and the rare few, champions. ProBikeKit has been interpreting this landscape for over 15 years, spreading over 3 decades. Many innovations are the brain child of passionate cycling inventors in Belgium and Italy supplying the pro-peloton. ProBikeKit has helped these brands become globally recognised off the back of their commitment to quality and technology.

ProBikeKit has grown with these businesses. We know them, we know their brands, we talk cycling and together we enjoy crisp sunshine, black asphalt and the sweet sound of a freewheel. At ProBikeKit it is safe to say we have the inside track in the heart of the world's global road cycling industry.

Today ProBikeKit is a truly international operation with a worldwide reach. From our small beginnings, our focus on road cycling, commitment to quality and performance has been recognised by our customers in over 100 countries around the globe.

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  • Country of Origen: United Kingdom
  • Item: Fitness & Sports, Food & Health
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