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Luckyscent is Adam, Franco, and a tireless team of happy fragrance lovers. Purely out of personal interest, we began combing the world for new and unusual fragrances. Anything that was under the radar, odd or unconventional got our attention. At the time, it was difficult to unearth many brands meeting these criteria. There were a few here and there, but nothing much more than said was the name, price and a very basic description. There was no passion... no music. That's when we took matters into our own hands and endeavoured to raise the bar on how niche fragrance is presented online.

We dedicated some of our spare time between graphic design projects toward building a website that would offer exactly what we were seeking: a place where we would shop that carried the brands we knew and loved. We wanted a whimsical feel and a cheeky point of view to demystify fragrance for people such as ourselves while still providing a true sense of the fragrances. After all, we were rather unstudied in the field at the time and we wanted to be sure that everyone would feel welcome, particularly those such as ourselves. So we dispensed with the pre-written descriptions and began to produce our own.

As long as there are people who share the same passions as we do, we will have nothing but tireless energy to continue unearthing the most remarkable items to share with the world. The future for us looks beautifully scented indeed—a world scented with soft greens, warm ambers, earthy patchoulis, sweet honeysuckles and smoky incense.

Let us help you find what you're looking for.

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