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Ivyrevel is a digital fashion house, tailored for our GENERATION.

We are inspired by urban contrasts, STRONG independent women and by the contemporary now. Drawn by opposites, we’re mixing both uptown and downtown in our collections. Our style is POLISHED, loud and extrovert with feminine silhouettes and ample amounts of attitude. Attention to visual details is of great importance since we value design that makes us look stunning both ONLINE and offline. site is our PALACE, our home, our one and only shopping window to the world. This is where our limited edition designs are available. EXCLUSIVELY here and nowhere else.

What we think about this website

Select your country at the top of the page first to get the correct prices displayed.
In the upper left corner you will find the collection with product categories such as  New In, Dresses, Swimwear or Accessories. Click the one that catches your eye. Use their Size Guide if you’re unsure about the right size.
The items show several pictures, a description , shipping info and details.
Don’t forget the Sale category for extra discount.
The Edtit Category gives you information about models, IVEREVEL icons, the latest fashion shows……

Shipping costs vary, depending on the country.

They give little information about returning or exchanging your purchase. The information at the items tells you that orders may be returned within 14 days, that’s all.

To help your fellow shoppers, please rate and review your experience with down below.

Additional Info

  • Country of Origen: Sweden
  • Item: Women's Clothing, Women's Shoes, Accessoiries for Her, Handbags, Jewellery, Fitness & Sports, Sunglasses
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