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Hollister Co. is a clothing company owned by Abercrombie & Fitch. The kind of clothing they sell is casual, meaning that it is for informal use. It also has a theme based on the surfing cultural movement of Southern California. The first Hollister store opened in July 2000 in Columbus, Ohio.

Clothing offerings by Hollister Co. include but is not limited to "graphic" and "crew & tee" shirts, polos, Henleys, cardigans, shirts, pullovers, outerwear, rinse or wash slim jeans, flip-flops, cologne or perfume, boxers, accessories, and so on.

Originally known as "Sessions," the body care line has been simplified to "Body Care." Upon its original release, Hollister Body Care products included: body wash, body lotion, mist and body spray, In 2001, Hollister released its signature fragrance Hollister Co. for women and men.

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