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Shoppers visit Dynamism to find high-performance ultralight PCs, 3D printers, and unique gadgets. Our next-generation products are the best the global marketplace offers. (The term “Dynamism” comes from the fact that our market-leading products are the accomplishments of global economic dynamism).

Luxury-level personal service is our goal for every single customer. Every product purchased at Dynamism includes free, unlimited, support by phone and email. As a Dynamism customer, you have your own representative—think of him or her as a technology concierge. Your representative can help with all aspects of your product ownership before and after the sale. Whether it's question about a product, support, billing, or returns, you have one person who knows your purchase history and is available to help. Even if the warranty has expired on your item, we are available to answer your questions.

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Make a choice between United States and global or United Kingdom at the top of the page before shopping.

Search by category or use the search box.

The selected item shows pictures with details, shipping costs, estimated time of delivery, tech specs, filament and accessories and FAQs.

You can email an E-gift card (amount of $ 100, 500 or 1.000). The card can be used at or

See the Guide for lots of info about 3D-printing and videos. They offer tech-support with every product by phone or email. Moreover, you will have an assigned tech support representative. Should you need to follow-up a call or email, you won’t have to deal with the all-too-common frustrations of re-providing your details or re-explaining the issue. You will have direct access to your tech support representative; the representative will know you and your support history, and will work to find a solution efficiently.

The shipping costs are shown at the checkout, software and opened 3D printer filament cannot be returned.

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