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The Cosme De Net Group was established by a Japanese entrepreneur, it has over 10 years of experience with core business in retail and wholesale of international skincare and cosmetic products. The Group is equipped with experienced purchasing team, logistics team and customer service team. Other than the flagship office in Hong Kong, the Group has offices in Paris, Rome, New York, Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei, allowing it to directly purchase skincare and cosmetics products around the world.
Cosme De Net Group believes that the pursuit of beauty is not bound geographically or by time, you could choose to live a beautiful life if you want to. In view of this, the Group has overcome the geographical limits and started online retail shopping in 2003, which successfully established a good reputation in the Japanese market. It has also become one of the most popular overseas shopping sites for international cosmetics and skincare products.
It is known that Japanese are conscientious and meticulous, they have very high standards for products and service. This professional attitude of Japanese people has been the backbone for the popularity of Cosme De Net.
In 2007, as demands and business keep growing, the Group has expanded and developed an online shopping site for China and worldwide – COSME-DE.COM – giving you one more choice to pursue beauty. The logo of COSME-DE.COM is a butterfly, which also resembles a flower. Butterfly represents beauty, elegance and freedom while flower is the equivalent of beauty. That’s why they are always associated together.
Imagine you are in a tranquil garden, suddenly a butterfly passes by, out of curiosity you follow it. After a while, it leads you to a beautiful garden, you see all kinds of blossoming gorgeous flowers, and you are elated.
Today, in the vast Internet world, the butterfly brings you to COSME-DE.COM, so you can enjoy our quality products, competitive prices and attentive service; and indulge yourself in choosing and shopping comfortably.
COSME-DE.COM dedicates this flower to each of you and sincerely invites you to visit this beautiful garden with us ...... Be the Beautiful One.

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Select your country and language at the top of the page, and the currency at the bottom of the page.

COSME-DE.COM offers a great variety of skincare and cosmetic products, plus many exciting promotion campaigns to save money.

The front page shows What’s New, Best Sellers, Supplements and Editor’s Blog. And You can read the Best Review here.

Shop by Category or by Brand, the names are listed alphabetically. If you search for a product, just type in the keyword (e.g. Christian Dior) or item no. (e.g. CDX0100966-000-00) in the product search box. You can refine your search by Category, by Brand or sort the price in ascending or descending order. The items give a description, ingredients and How to Use instructions.

Check out new arrivals with New  or What's New on the front page. New items are also marked with "New" tag

Free shipping on all orders regardless of order size and destination. They offer worldwide shipping to over 160 countries worldwide.

COSME-DE.COM has a 100% 30-day money back guarantee. Check for returns and exchanges at the chosen item. Fragrances and clearances e.g. cannot be returned under the International Aviation Restriction. Please check carefully before ordering fragrances. 

To help your fellow shoppers, please leave a comment of your experience with COSME-DE.COM down below.

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