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Cocowhite, a UK based, 100% natural health products company, knows that everyone wishes they had that perfect set of pearly whites. Unfortunately, we cannot all afford cosmetic dentistry like our favourite celebrities meaning we're left to use unhealthy, chemical ridden alternatives to achieve a great look. CocoWhite wants to change that by offering a 100% natural, preservative free dental detox that can transform your oral health and leave you feeling squeaky clean.

Cocowhite products originated on the back of a well known practice called Oil Pulling, to provide a 100% natural alternative to the chemical fuelled teeth whitening craze.

Oil pulling involves swishing oil around the mouth and has been used for thousands of years as an Indian folk remedy. Normally you'd have to spoon the oil into your mouth then swish it around for 5-10 minutes. However, with Cocowhite we have created the perfect dosage and packaged it up all nice for you in sachets

Don't forget, all ingredients are 100% natural and preservative free :)!

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