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Cacao Sampaka was created to propagate the culture of cocoa, to revive chocolate tasting as a social custom and to convey our passion for this legendary food of the gods.

We are chocolate creators. We handcraft it from start to finish, from the selection of the cocoa beans to the presentation of the product. We use real chocolate with no preservatives or colouring to create an evocative language of shapes and flavours.

To keep a custom alive, one needs to innovate. At Cacao Sampaka what is traditional has become cosmopolitan, and what is exclusive can be enjoyed at affordable prices. We have redesigned the concept of top-quality chocolate tasting to provide unique experiences.

What do we think about this website 

Shopping on is simple. To make your purchase, go to the ONLINE SHOP and select products to add to your shopping basket by clicking "Buy" or dragging them into the basket. The shop has a dynamic and fun interface which allows you to explore the inside of their boxes by sliding off the lid, or to create your own collection of chocolates by making a selection from all the different flavours.

Orders placed via this website cannot be delivered outside of mainland Spain. Transport costs to send food products in safe conditions are often very high, and their franchise network is not extensive enough to cover other countries.  However, if you would like additional information on international shipping, you may request a personalised quote in the contact section.

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  • Item: Chocolate
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