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BBToyStore is a company based in New Jersey and has been in business since 1999. Although we dabbled selling and helping with a couple of larger companies with collectible & hot items for many years previously before venturing out with our own business. We started selling collectibles & hard to find items at flea markets and collectibles trade shows. Soon after in 2000 we opened up a Retail store and an Online website, and a Huge Ebay Auction account ( Shortly after our website & ebay account became one of the largest known places to buy TY Beanie Babies and Pokemon cards. We bought a large warehouse and run our online services full time and put full attention into it to give you the absolute best service.

Through the years we have developed the best relationships with the top Wholesalers and Distributors in the industry, so we can offer you the best possible prices. One of main expertise is getting are the "hot" in demand & popular fad items that every one is searching for. We have some of the best connections around to get these items and bring them to you. We have even bought out complete inventories of dealer and stores to gain the best possible prices for our inventory.

We are proud to offer you the best service from our website and will continue to grow as our inventory gets larger by the week. We are adding new items almost every week. 

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