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We opened our original storefront in 1973. B&Hs reputation for extensive inventory and intelligent conversation about photography began with our first customer. We grew from a small photography shop in Manhattan's Financial District to a major supplier of photo, video and audio equipment on 17th Street, with customers returning again and again for our low pricing and high reliability. The new millennium's explosion of affordable technology for pros and consumers alike brought new lines of computers, home entertainment, and consumer devices, as we moved to our SuperStore on 34th Street and opened our cyber-doors at We continue to expand to meet your needs with showrooms, classes, educational and social media, and more.

Our highly-rated website and apps offer shopping at your leisure. Our industry experts prepare the comprehensive product information you will find on our site, and within a minute of selecting Live Chat they will be available as personal guides for your cyber-shopping trip. Your shopping and product inquiries can be made by email as well. We combine the personability of a storefront with the convenience of a web retailer. Our site moves fast, our staff move even more quickly when responding to you, and our same-day shipping options move your order out the door with immediacy.

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B&H offers free EDU Advantage membership. This provides access to discounts from B&H and their vendors, with a dedicated website for information and shopping. Search by typing keywords in the search field or by category. The home page shows you pre orders and deals. Refine your search by terms as brand names, customer rating, type and price range. The selected item shows images, details, specs, availability and shipping information. The product review can be very useful if you want to read customers experiences with a specific item. There are positive and critical reviews.
You can buy used items, or sell your gear.

B&H Gift Cards with a value range from $20 to $1,000.

Some items cannot be exported due to manufacturer or government restrictions. You will receive an on-screen notice if you attempt to put an item in your shopping cart or check out an order containing items which we cannot send to you.

Shipping costs depend on amount and delivery country, but are calculated at the checkout.  They offer Worldwide Coverage with their Square Trade Protection plan. Read their Shipping info carefully and check the product specifications to make sure your item works in your country.

A request for return or exchange can be made online, by phone or Live Chat. You will get an RMA number. Customs, duties and/or taxes will not be refunded.

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