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A+R stands for Andy and Rose: British ex-pat Andy Griffith, a former film editor and self-avowed design junkie, and Rose Apodaca, a pop culture and style journalist and author. We are real. For us, part of the thrill is the narrative behind each product, and we love talking about the designers we find locally and afar. It only goes to show that this brilliant and bold community is not so much distinguished by geographic or cultural boundaries but bound by the pursuit of aesthetics and innovative ideas. From clocks to carafes, tables to toys, baubles to bright lights, the constant is design that charms, functions and inspires. We hope you find things you've been looking for all your lives, and stuff you didn't know you needed. And, whether you're a designer or enthusiast like us, if you come across anything you believe fits our world, please let us know.

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A user-friendly and easy-to-navigate online store. Their collection of products are grouped into different categories – Furniture, Lighting, Tabletop, Lifestyle, Decor, Gifts, By Room, Designers and Brands. The selected items show pictures, information about the product, details, size, material, technical info and shipping and packaging. They have a Sale section where you can find items 50% off.
The Gifts section has a wide range of options for your gift purposes, for weddings, kids or ordinary days.

They also sell Gits Cards with an amount between $5 - $5000.

Shipping costs are based on the actual shipping cost, plus a small fee for the preparation of customs documents (International orders). Check the details on the product page.

Most purchases can be returned for a full refund, less shipping fees, within 21 days from delivery date. Read their policy for Returns and Exchanges

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