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Some things just go together.

Like guac and corn chips. Or me and you.  These natural skincare kits come with free merch and a cute-as box. Good for you, good for someone else.






Original  Introduction Kit 
For babes who want soft skin but don’t know how to get there.  A first taste of me starts with my Original Coffee Scrub & Body Balm, plus free stick-on patches to seal the deal. Literally.

Shimmer Bomb Kit

You wanted more shimmer? You got it. Get my new Shimmer Scrub with 3x the shimmer along with my two new friends: my Illuminator & Magic Shimmer Oil. 3 steps for a glow that’s out of this world. Cruelty-free and natural.


Booty Sleep Kit

This kit is like a million angels singing you to sleep and a bluebird getting your clothes out of your wardrobe (off the floor) in the morning. My caffeinated, moisturising Glow Mask has been declared "sleep in a bottle" by beauty editors all over the world: in fact, they helped me formulate it. My cute eye mask blocks out unwanted light so you can drift off into a beautiful slumber anywhere. 

Top To
Toe Kit

For babes who want to be explored like Everest.I’ll access all your areas with my Original Coffee Scrub, Body Balm & face range. And even come with my own backpack (aka: your free cosmetics bag). 

Island Kit

For babes who want to smother themselves in coconut oil and keep their dignity. Coconut-crazed babes will love my nut-free Coconut Coffee Scrub & Coconut Body Balm. It also comes with free stick-on patches. Not that you’ll want to wear anything.



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