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NutraSea Fish Oils are great tasting ultra-pure omega-3 fish oils that are suitable for the whole family. Ascenta NutraSea is an omega-3 that helps improve and maintain good health. It supports cardiovascular health and helps with brain function and eye & nerve development in kids.

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The NutraSea line brings you the purest and highest quality omega-3 products available. Superior quality has made NutraSea a market leader and the choice of leading medical institutions worldwide. The Pure Check logo on Ascenta products guarantees that they have been independently tested and certied for quality, purity and label claims. 

We only use ingredients of the highest quality derived from sustainable natural sources. You only get what you put in, which is why Ascenta uses the highest quality ingredients. We also place great emphasis on sustainability, to ensure that what’s here today isn’t gone tomorrow. The fishsh oil used to produce our omega-3 supplements is derived from sustainably harvested wild fish stocks that are closely regulated and monitored by government authorities. Our fish oil is derived from species that are caught for use primarily as a food source, the fish oil extraction is a maximization of that resource and an example of waste diversion. The NutraSea line brings you the purest and highest quality omega-3 products available.


Ascenta Spark Your Brain
USD $22.93


Nutra Sea Fish Oil
(240 Capsules)
USD $27.04

  Nutra Sea Kids

Nutra Sea Fish Oil 2X CONCENTRATED
USD $35.00


Nutra Sea Kids -Bubble Gum Flavour
USD $14.40

Nutra Sea Fish Oil plus D -Green Apple


Nutra Sea Fish Oil plus D -Green Apple Flavour
USD $20.22


NutraVege Orange Strawberry
(200 ml)
USD $22.93


Nutra Sea Fish Oil HP
(120 Capsules)
USD $33.76


Nutra Sea DHA 2x Concentrated
(60 Softgel Capsules)
USD $20.72

     Nutra Sea Fish Oil High EPA
Nutra Sea Fish Oil Chocolate
USD $16.37
  Nutra Sea Fish Oil HP-HIGH POTENCY 3:1 EPA to DHA-Lemon Flavour
USD $34.01

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