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Train with your inner beast with adidas Alphaskin!

Unlike traditional base layers, each section of Alphaskin is carefully constructed to match the body’s movements in sport. The kinetic wrapped design eliminates unwanted distractions by moving with the critical areas of athletes in motion and removing unnatural friction between the fabric and skin. Alphaskin enables athletes to fully focus and preform in training and competition. 

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adidas ALPHASKIN Compression Tights - Men's

Get dynamic movement and a locked-in feel that is perfect for any workout with these adidas Men's Game Changer Compression Tights.

adidas ALPHASKIN Compression Shorts - Women's

Worn under your shorts or as your shorts, these adidas Women's Game Changer Compression Shorts are your fitness companion.

adidas ALPHASKIN L/S Fitted T-Shirt - Men's

Wick away the perspiration on your skin while you push through a tough workout in this long sleeve crew neck t-shirt, made with moisture-wicking fabric that helps you stay dry.

adidas ALPHASKIN Sports Bra - Women's

Get the support, comfort, and breathability you need from your sports bra during your toughest workouts with the adidas Game Changer Sports Bra.

adidas ALPHASKIN S/S Compression T-Shirt - Men's

Get complete compression during your workout with this adidas Men's Game Changer Compression T-Shirt.

adidas ALPHASKIN Tights - Women's

Get a comfortable and flexible fit that keeps you dry and sweat free with these adidas Women's Game Changer Tights.

adidas ALPHASKIN 9

Stay locked in, comfortable, and dry during all of your workouts with these adidas Men's Game Changer 9" Compression Shorts, perfect for wearing under your shorts while running, cross-training, or weight-lifting.


Alphaskin was developed using a highly-advanced ARAMIS, a motion-capture system that finds where fabric could inhibit an athlete’s performance. This method enabled designers to create a wrapped performance layer that truly dials into the movements of athletes across all sports.

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