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Dog & Cat deals on chews, treats and more! Don't worry and be happy because has what you need.

Bedtime Bones Organic Dog Treats (2-Pack) 


Sam's Yams Veggie Rawhide (2-Pack)


BUY 30 GET 30 FREE: USA Venison Sausage Jerky 


Calming bedtime dog bones for your pup will satisfy them and assist in relaxing before bedtime. This deal includes a 2-month treat supply. Dog owners know their pups love treats whenever possible, especially those tempting dog bones. Now you can get calming bedtime dog bones for your pup which will not only appease their need for treats but will also help them to relax.


Instead of giving your dog his regular chew, switch it up with Veggie Rawhide Natural Sweet Potato Chews! These dried sweet potato slabs are the perfect way to keep your dogs happy and healthy, as well as occupied while chomping down on these chews!


Pick up a great deal for a total of 60 venison sausages, now made bigger, longer lasting and contain more venison than ever before! Each pack of venison sticks weigh a total of 14 oz and are approximately 5-6" long. With this deal, you'll get a total of 60 pre-packaged sausages perfect for treats and training!

Litter Genie Plus Disposal System & Refill Packs


Clean Teeth 'No-Brush' Gel for Dogs & Cats (4oz)


USA Made Sweet Potato Chips (12oz)


Don’t dread cleaning the litter box – the Litter Genie Plus makes messes and odors disappear! The Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System is the complete and hygienic solution for effective cat waste cleanup. Each system comes ready to go with a Litter Genie pail, a scoop and scoop holder, and a refill bag dispenser cartridge. With the total system, your home is sure to smell fresher and cleaner than before!


Dogs and cats have to have clean teeth and fresh breath to avoid periodontal disease. If you are tired of that doggy breath or kitty breath and want to help your pet maintain clean teeth and gums for their health, then Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel (USA Made) is the perfect answer. No longer do you have to try to make your pet stay still while you brush their teeth - Fight periodontal disease without brushing. The Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel will do the trick easily


These treats are healthy, so you can feel good about giving them to your pup. Packed with great vitamins and nutrients that your dog needs. Vitamins A, B and C as well as iron, potassium, zinc are all found in these vegetarian dog treats. And, when your dog is gnawing on these chewy treats they’re also cleaning their teeth! Our sweet potato dog treats are free of all preservatives, chemicals and additives. 

27 Oz Greenies Dental Chews (USA)


Grade-A USA Deer Antler Chews


Organic Tipsy Nip Tickle Pickles (USA Made)


Proper dental health is not only important to individuals but to our pets as well. Greenies Dental Chews provide an easy way for dogs to pursue the proper dental health. This product is available in 4 different sizes, based on the weight of your dog. Greenies Dental Chews are accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) and do wonders to wipe out the plaque and tartar, freshen your pup’s breath and promote healthier gums by up to 80%.


Dogs love to chew on deer antlers and opt for this type of pet chew product over all others. If you are looking for a premier retailer of deer antler chews for your favorite pal, look no further than Prairie Dog Antlers and Wild Chewz Antlers. These deer antlers are filled with nutritious minerals which are not only good for your pet but taste delicious as well. These antlers allow your pet to keep their teeth and gums healthy while giving them something fun to do.


There are plenty of toys available for cats these days but perhaps one of the most favored pet toys for cats is the one which has catnip in it. Our furry felines love catnip and will play with catnip toys to no end. The Tickle Pickle™ is a fun organic catnip toy which your pet will adore. This catnip toy will keep your cat entertained and will likely be one of their favorite new toys.

Kitty Boinks Interactive Cat Toys (12-Pack)


Original CatBuddy Catnip Kicker Toys (2-Pack)


Premium USA Made Chicken Feet (10-Pack)


No matter how old your frisky feline is, chances are that she loves to play. Although many cats adore catnip, there are plenty of other fun and exciting cat toys on the market these days. One such toy is Kitty Boinks. These flexible tube toys spring into the air and will make your kitty cat go crazy. With its durable mesh material, the Kitty Boinks toy goes quite far and will provide your pet with plentiful play time.


Tired of being kicked, scratched and annoyed by your cat in more painful ways than one? Give your fur baby what they really want – TheCatBuddy Catnip Toys! This product ranged from 6-18" long and is great to hug, hold, kick, rub – whatever your cat's heart desires! Made with 100% USA Processed North American Catnip, these toys will keep any kitty occupied for hours on end. TheCatBuddy Catnip Toys' outer material is made from soft, 100% cotton flannel, so it won't hurt your pet in any way. 


Dogs go crazy for these all-natural and crunchy treats. 
Aside from being a great natural source of protein, you won't find any additives or preservatives with these snacks either. Made in the USA by Pet-n-Shape, your pup will show you his thanks with tons of chicken flavored kisses!

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