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To help your fellow shoppers you can now review your online shopping experience with one (or more) online stores on our website and gain $50,- when your review is chosen as Favorite Review of the month. Every month we will choose one of the reviews written that month and transfer $50,- to your PayPal account. 
Visit our website and search for the online store(s) you purchased one or more items from and share your Online Shopping Experiences. Either your Experience is positive or negative, as long as it is your Personal Experience you will compete for our monthly prize of $50,-!


Conditions to compete for the monthly prize of USD 50,-for a review placed at Shoponline.support:

  • Your written review must be unique; The review should not have been placed elsewhere on the internet.
  • To contact you, it is important to have a correct e-mail address (this address will not be used for other purposes).
  • If you want to compete for the monthly prize of $ 50,- the e-mail address has to be linked to a PayPal account. The amount will be transferred through Paypal only, another method of payment will not be used.
  • Each month all reviews posted on Shoponline.support from the first day of the month 00.01 hours up to the last day of the month 00: 00 CET will be rated.
  • The winner will be listed with his name as shown in the posted review on the website of Shoponline.support and on the Facebook page of Shoponline.support.
  • The assessment of the reviews is reserved to the operators of Shoponline.support. There is no correspondence possible about the result.
  • When in doubt about the contents of the review, the operators of Shoponline.support will contact the relevant online store to verify the review.
  • Per month, multiple reviews per visitor may be placed. If there are more than 10 reviews posted per month with the same email address this visitor will not compete for the monthly prize of USD 50,-
  • Both positive and negative reviews will be rated. The operators of Shoponline.support reserve the right to remove reviews that contain words, language or content that is or may be considered unlawful, defamatory, libellous, abusive, racially or sexually offensive or obscene.
  • Reviews are to be written and shall be published in English. Reviews written in languages other than English are not eligible for the monthly prize.
  • This action runs until December 31 2018.
  • Reviews that contain questions or comments aimed at other website users Shoponline.support representatives will not be published
  • Contributors under the age of 18 should get the permission of a parent or guardian before submitting any review or contribution.
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