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2018 Easter Collection Featuring Piedmont Hazelnut Pralines.

Tired of offering boring rabbits, chicks, Easter eggs and chocolate bells every year? If so, in 2018 surprise your friends and family with the best gift of all: uniquely refined and incomparably luxurious Easter chocolates. Plus worldwide door-to-door shipping!

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Springtime Bliss For Easter Baskets Everywhere

Easter Chocolates Gifts Boxes


Widely regarded as our most remarkable recipe, each Easter chocolate praline features slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts that have been carefully caramelized and painstakingly crushed, to create an unforgettable filling for this whimsically-molded springtime classic.  Only available in the Easter Collection, they’re the perfect way to enjoy traditional French friture delivered with pure zChocolat flair.


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