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They're back...

Satisfyingly snappable, Extra–Thick eggs. They're all available online and in–store now.

Our Extra-Thick Eggs are all about the lavishly thick shells: mouthwateringly indulgent with a satisfying ‘crack’ as they break apart in your hands. This April 1st our iconic milk, dark and white chocolate Easter eggs are joined by a newcomer: the Champagne Extra-Thick Egg.

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Untie the ribbon, lift the lid and indulge with lavishly thick shells filled with more chocolate. The only thing left to wonder is which egg is yours?


"Bought this for my daughter 
and it's amazing - just hope 
she shares some with me."
Half caramel chocolate, half 40% 
milk with cookie and puffed rice. 
Filled with some of our most 
mellow creations.

Rocky Road to Caramel




Two dark 70% shells, utterly 
committed to your cocoa hit. Filled 
with truffles, pralines and caramels 
chosen to showcase the cocoa.

Serious Dark Fix




Filled with nothing but life’s essential luxuries, our chocolate luxury hampers are simply made for entire families, groups of friends and colleagues to share – because there’s something for everyone to love. Beautifully presented, they make memorable chocolate gifts that will last. And now you can build your own luxury chocolate hamper.


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