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Introducing Mother's Day 2018 Collection.

Chocolate gifts are a perfect way to express gratitude and love to the mothers in our lives. This year, we are excited to bring back our limited-edition Spring Bonbon Assortment - available only during the Mother's Day shipping period. We also offer other decadent handcrafted chocolate gifts such as our classic Signature Assortments and Chocolate Mice.

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Mothers Day


30th Anniversary Collection

To celebrate our 30 years of handcrafting delectable chocolates, we gathered together 53 pieces of our chocolate bonbons from past and current collections as well as new bonbons created exclusively for this special milestone. The 30th Anniversary Collection is composed of three sets of bonbon assortments: Then, Now, and Next.

Chocolate Bee Collection

Chocolate Bee Collection, a charming assortment of our beloved springtime chocolates.

Spring Tote

Spring Tote: A canvas tote laden with our seasonal and classic favorites, including Spring Bonbons and Truffles, Chocolate Bee Collection, Chocolate Elephants and Chocolate Mice: 1 Dark Mouse (dark chocolate ganache blended with fresh oranges) and 1 Milk Mouse (dark chocolate ganache blended with espresso).


Named after the Swiss-style macarons that inspired them, our Luxembourgers are filled with all-natural buttercream, chocolate ganache, or fruit jam. The texture is a delectable balance between crunchy, chewy and moist.

Signature Assortments

A delectable assortment of our handcrafted chocolate bonbons. Our Signature Wood Box Assortments are tied with seasonal color French wired ribbon and finished with a hand-stamped gold wax seal.

Chocolate Mice

Beloved for their delectable taste and charming appearance, the Chocolate Mice have been our signatures for more than 30 years.


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