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Marvel Capsule Collection


Happy slightly belated anniversary of Shakespeare's death and possibly his birth. Not in that order, obviously. Without Shakespeare's words (mostly published after his death), we wouldn't have Dishonored or Tangled, the Unsullied from Game of Thrones, Widowmaker in Overwatch, a werewolf's howl (Macbeth), ninjas who are stealthy (also Macbeth), or a revolving (Richard III) door in which a sacrificial (Timon of Athens ) character can be caught while trying to escape the contaminated (Troilus & Cressida). Geeks wouldn't rant (Hamlet) or squabble (Othello) over whether our heroes were destined (A Lover's Complaint) or fated (All's Well That Ends Well) to reach these violent ends. And Timmy requests that you please keep your unsolicited (Titus Andronicus) opinions about the authorship debate to yourselves.



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