The Dreslyn Artisanal Luxury

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A collection of soft textural sweaters, wooden accents on bag handles, smooth cut leather, and hammered brass, all with an artisanal detail, a reminder to slow down and take it all in.

The Dreslyn

Artisanal Luxury

Pieces that are touched by the hand, hand-painted scarves, hand-knit pullovers, and hand-tooled jewelry pieces lend a special touch to these luxury pieces. Slow down and take it all in.

 Jute Basket by Modern Weaving
Modern Weaving

Jute Basket

   The Palma Dress by Jesse Kamm
Jesse Kamm

The Palma Dress

 Amice Cardigan by Samuji

Amice Cardigan

   Coin Purse by Samuji

Coin Purse

 Tunic Shirt by Colovos

Tunic Shirt

   La Piedra Dress by OZMA

La Piedra Dress

 Feliz Belt by Maryam Nassir Zadeh
Maryam Nassir Zadeh

Feliz Belt

   Hyacinth Pom Pom by Apiece Apart
Apiece Apart

Hyacinth Pom Pom

Lami by Rachel Comey
Rachel Comey


  Mis-shaped Ovals On Stem by Modern Weaving
Modern Weaving

Mis-shaped Ovals on Stem


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