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New OC Torch: What is Snowtocross? Find out...

The sport of Snowtocross was invented in Mongolia in 1934. Its more widely known predecessor, Motocross, rose in international popularity in the 1920’s and prompted a group of Mongolian teens to form their own interpretation of the sport. The extreme conditions of their home country added a layer of difficulty as they used standard motocross bikes to race across ice and sleet. Unique maneuvers such as the “glacial drift” gained popularity until a series of rider injuries lead to the sport being banned in 1947.


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Is snowtocross A Thing?

The latest OC Torch imagines snowtocross as the go-to sport of 2022. The high-energy, synchronized race is inspired by both BMX and little-known winter sports like Ski Ballet. The gear features motorcross-style patches, 1970's inspired colors and redesigned OC logos. 



OC snowtocross

Opening Ceremony snowtocross

Opening Ceremony snowtocross


 Snowtocross’ popularity continues to rise and many in the action sports community believe it will be a contender for the 2022 Olympic games.


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