Moon & Lola Wedding Invites & Signs

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New! Wedding Invites & Signs. Wow your guests with stylish engraved acrylic.

Moon and Lola - Personalized Monogram Jewelry and Accessories

Classic Acrylic Wedding Invitations

From $231.25
For the classic bride... our personalized crystal acrylic wedding invitations take wedding stationery to a whole new level of chic. Not only will your guests appreciate the uniqueness of their invite, but you will have a keepsake of your special day to hang on to forever!
Moon and Lola - Modern Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Modern Acrylic Wedding Invitations

From $231.25
Moon and Lola - Acrylic Table Numbers With Base

Acrylic Table Numbers With Base

From $68.00
 Organize your reception layout with our custom acrylic table numbers. Designed with a crystal acrylic base and your choice of select acrylic colors for the number, each piece will add a polished touch to your setting. A crystal (clear) stand for each number is included.
Moon and Lola - Custom Hashtag Sign

Custom Hashtag Sign

 A great way to let your guests know what you've decided to be your personalized wedding hashtag! Our engraved crystal acrylic is simple, yet elegant, and will look seamless displayed along with the rest of your wedding day signage.

Also great for graduations, baby showers, family reunions or any celebratory event where loved ones are gathered.

Moon and Lola - Gifts and Cards Table Sign

Gifts & Cards Sign

 Add an extra element of style (and organization!) to your gifts & cards table with this small sign. Engraved on our crystal acrylic, this sign is elegant, understated, and will match your decor - no matter the theme!
Moon and Lola - Polaroid Guestbook Table Sign

Polaroid Guestbook Sign

It's a classic guest book - with a twist! Grab a polaroid camera and an empty photo album then give your guests the chance to fill it up with memories from the best night ever! You can count on this polaroid guestbook sign to explain to them exactly what to do.
Moon and Lola - Please Find Your Seats Acrylic Sign

Please Find Your Seats Sign

Show them the way! This engraved crystal acrylic sign can be used for both seating guests at the ceremony and for seating guests at the reception.
Signature Cocktails Sign

Signature Cocktails Sign

Cheers! Share your signature cocktail with your guests using our crystal acrylic small cocktails sign. This keepsake piece is entirely customizable and makes a wonderful bar-cart addition to keep after the wedding.
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