HBX ALYX Apparel and Accessories

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ALYX returns to HBX with more new seasonal apparel and accessories, now available at hbx.com.



Raised in California, Chicago-born creative director Matthew M. Williams has worked with top talents from the worlds of art, music, and fashion throughout his decade-long career, shaping a refined aesthetic universe grounded in street culture. The comprehensive ready-to-wear and accessories collection harnesses inspiration from his California youth and global urban subcultures, fused with Williams’ experience within the entertainment industry to inform a unique insider perspective.


Pilot Jacket

USD 455.00


Eternal Bomber Jacket

USD 535.00

Big Jacquard Belt

USD 350.00


Leather Wallet

USD 289.00


Short Keyholder

USD 259.00

Sports Bib

USD 569.00


Pouch Bag

USD 563.00

Tank Backpack

USD 1,070.00


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