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Six Non-boring Work Bags for Every Type of Professional Woman by Courtney Conway.


ReadSix Non-boring Work Bags for Every Type of Professional Woman

Finding the perfect work bag can make a busy professional’s life that much easier. You’d be surprised how much simpler your days get when you can actually find everything you’re looking for (where are you, keys and phone?) without spending forever digging around in your bag. Personally, I always look for a bag that’s 1. sturdy 2. cute and 3. has lots of pockets. If that’s your thing too, then you’re in luck because we’ve rounded up the best of the best that’ll get any woman through her crazy schedule. If you’re looking to make your work week a little more organized (and honestly, who isn’t) then keep on scrolling.

For the constant traveler

Nylon & Cork Travel Tote Bag

Spicer Bags Nylon & Cork Travel Tote Bag ($129)

Made of nylon and cork, this durable bag is perfect for anyone on the go. It has lot’s of pockets (so, major plus) and keeps everything you may need within hands reach.

For the cycling commuter

Bedford Felt & Leather Backpack

Graf Lantz Bedford Felt & Leather Backpack ($345)

If you’re on the go and live in a city, backpacks are the way to go—and this cute felt and leather one is no exception. So say goodbye to carrying around a heavy tote bag that hurts your shoulder. Plus it’s convertible(!!), so you can actually move around the straps so that it becomes a shoulder bag.

For the corporate boss

Structured Leather Tote $340.00

Issara Structured Leather Tote ($340)

This structured tote perfect for those who want to look professional, without compromising organization. It has a convenient pocket for your laptop, along with a few other pouches to aid with staying on top of your game.

For the freelancer

Leather Sage Tote large0

THACKER NYC Leather Sage Tote ($278)

This tote is the perfect go-to for anyone who works from their local coffee shop. It looks like your average day-to-day bag, but it actually fits everything you need—from your laptop, a planner, and even a snack (because you never know!)

For the definitely-not-a wallflower

Metallic Tie Top Leather Shopper Tote Bag $140.00

Brix and Bailey Metallic Tie Top Leather Shopper Tote Bag ($140)

If you find yourself going from meetings to spin class, then this bag is totes for you. It’ll fit all your necessities and smartly ties at the top, so dropping your tote doesn’t mean that you have to gather your things off the subway floor. Plus, it comes in eye-catching metallic shades like gold and gunmetal, so you won’t blend in in a sea of black tote bags.

 For the stylish social butterfly

Celler Makuto Shoulder Bag $420.00

IALA DÍEZ Celler Makuto Shoulder Bag ($420)

If you’re looking for a bag that can go from work to happy-hour, then we think we found a winner. Not only is it super sleek, but it also works hard (just like you!) and looks just as good as it does in the office as it does at weekend brunch.

Bonus: For the new job seeker

Leather Manila Folder $88.00

Graf Lantz Leather Manila Folder ($88)

To ensure your important docs are safe and sound, this leather manila folder is your new go-to. You’ll never have to worry about crumpled resumes ever again!

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