Do you want to write for us?

Do you want to write for We like to know you better.

Please read through these guidelines before submitting your information to our editorial team. Important note: if you haven't followed the guidelines below, you likely won't hear back.


What We Publish


Here's a list of what we publish from guest contributors:

- Articles about online shopping: similar articles like the ones that are already published on our website.

- Personal experiences with the stores on our website: short stories about your personal experience, your purchase is recent (within 3 months) and the article contains the order number.

- Blogs: we like to publish a new blog every 10 days.


What are we looking for?


We get a lot of applications. Following these guidelines will increase your chances of your article getting chosen to be published on our website:

- Write from an objective viewpoint and convey valuable information to the reader. Focus on practical advice, actionable tips, and useful know-how about a specific online shopping topic or approach to the items on our website. Bullet points are good. Meandering text is not.

- Use a fresh, approachable voice. You are a person writing for other people. So, sound like one.

- Offer clear takeaways for our (and your) audience.  Make us want to read it. 

- When you are writing a blog, make sure you will initiate a discussion.

- Article’s and blogs should be at least 600-800 words, but no more than 1,000. Feel free to include images, charts, graphs, and the like—but only if they help convey a point.

- Personal experiences should be at least 100 words but no more than 200.

- Articles should be original to the author and unpublished elsewhere. (Infographics can have appeared elsewhere).

- Submissions should include introductory text—about 100-125 words.

- You should be able to write on specific topics that we present to you.


So you think you can write for us?


- Send us a brief bio of 40 - 50 words, including Facebook and Twitter contact info, if available, and a recent headshot (make sure your entire head and neck are in the picture) and send it to .

Include relevant links to earlier publications by you  and tell us what you would like to publish (blog, article, personal experiences).

- Tell us your rate (in USD) and make sure you are able to send us a correct invoice. We will contact you by email within 14 days after receiving your information. As described earlier, you won’t hear back if you do not follow the guidelines above.


We have a Deal. Now What?


- Every article will be edited for clarity and brevity to conform to our house style. 

- Please  send your text in Word format as an attachment to your email.

- If we would like to change your article or your headline, we will let you know so you might want to suggest alternatives.

- The author retains copyright and may republish the article on his/her personal or company blog or site after the article has been published on Shoponline.Support. In such cases, we ask that you cite and link to the original article on our site.

- may also use your piece, with full attribution, in marketing materials and Social Media used by

- Sending us an article does not mean we buy it. It also will be possible that there is an article queue, and publication can take up over a month.

- When we agree about purchasing your article, we will pay your invoice within 10 days after publishing.