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Craving adventure? Throw on some sweatpants, grab a big cup of coffee, and tear into these eye-opening nonfiction reads — all on sale for a limited time. 

Discount good on new (full-priced) copies of select titles, in the featured edition only. 

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Nonfiction Expedition: Explore the Titles in Our Nonfiction Sale


Road to Little Dribbling Adventures of an American in Britain

Dark Money The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right

Elon Musk Tesla Spacex & the Quest for a Fantastic Future

Alone on the Wall

Hidden Half of Nature The Microbial Roots of Life & Health

Storm in a Teacup The Physics of Everyday Life

Very Expensive Poison The Definitive Story of the Murder of Alexander Litvinenko & Russias War with the West

Eruption The Untold Story of Mount St Helens

Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry

Bad Ass Librarians of Timbuktu & Their Race to Save the Worlds Most Precious Manuscripts

But What If Were Wrong Thinking about the Present as If It Were the Past

Gene An Intimate History

Genius of Birds

Half Earth Our Planets Fight for Life

Not a Scientist How Politicians Mistake Misrepresent & Utterly Mangle Science

Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind

Secondhand Time The Last of the Soviets

White Trash The 400 Year Untold History of Class in America

Invention of Nature Alexander von Humboldts New World

Stranger in the Woods The Extraordinary Story of the North Pond Hermit

Killers of the Flower Moon

Nature Fix Why Nature Makes Us Happier Healthier & More Creative

Tide The Science & Stories Behind the Greatest Force on Earth

Undoing Project A Friendship That Changed Our Minds


Nonfiction Expedition: Explore the Titles in Our Nonfiction Sale: Shop Now








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