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Top 10 Best selling Indian Books

Metallurgical Engineering (Objective Type and Short Questions And Answers)

Contents, Part-I (Short Question and Answers), Part II (Objective Types Questions), Part-III Match the Two Parts, Part-IV Model Questions-For Management Trainees Test, Appendices.

Nadi Astrology: Accurate Predictive Methodology

Contents: Introduction / Characteristics of Planets. Houses and signs / Rules of nadi astrology / Education / Litigation / Property and Vehicle / Health / Travel / Career and Financial prospects / Marriage/ Children / Corporate astrology / Longevity / Rectification of birth time / Helping Sciences/ Muhurat / Remedial Measures / Twin Births / Relations / Personalities / Annexure.

Testing Commissioning Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Equipments

This book presents the most useful practical information regarding installation, commissioning, testing, operation and maintenance for very Electrical engineering student and electrical engineer. The book is likely to be useful for preparing for viva-voce, Interviews, departmental Examiantions, Training and Career development courses for power engineers. The book covers each and every practical aspect of electrical engineerign covering indepth knowledge of basics, testing, commissioning, installation and maintenance of electrical equipments. 

The Walking Shiva Of Varanasi: Life Legends and Teachings of Trailingaswami

Contents: Argument; Author's Preface; Foreword by swami Gokulananda; I. Introduction; II. The Birth of a Great Saint; III. Powers of a yogi-gestures of Grace and Compression; IV. The saint in kashi- mauni baba; V. The Saint in Panchagangaghat; VI. Devotee Umacharan's Experiences; VII. The Teachings: Guru and Sishya; VIII. Chittashuddhi; IX. Dharma; X. Upaasana; XI. Poorvajanma-Parajanma; XII. Aatma Bodha; XIII. Tanmayatwam; XIV. Saaroktuly; XV. Tatwajnaana; XVI. Eeshwar; XVII. Srishti; XVIII. Sansara; Appendix I: Important Dates; Appendix II: A Note on the history of telugu and trilinga desa; Appendix III. To VI; List of helpful books.

Collected Works Of Dr A K Bhattacharyya On Homoeopathy Magnet Gem Pyramid And Teletherapy Etc (vol-1)

Contents: Section I Benoytosh My Father; New Ideas In Homoeopathy, Haemorrhage and its Treatments, Homeopathic Mixtures, Tridosha and Homoeopathy, Research in Homoeopathy, Septenate Mixtures in Homoeopathy, Section II. The Magnet as a Healer, Die Heilkraft des Magneten, Healing Magnet, Publishing Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs), or Electro-Magnets, VITIC, My Experience with Magnet Therapy, Section III. Teletherapy, Teletherapy and Behaviour Patterns, Mantra in Teletherapy, Use of Electromagnets in Teletherapy, Operating Instructions for Teletherapy, Healing Magnet, Radiesthesia, Teletherapy-Reality of Myth, The Historic New York-Oxford Experiment, Section IV PULAE-Disease and Treatment, Importance of Pulse-I, Importance of Pulse-II, Section V Gems and Their Uses, Gems in Everyday Life, Importance of the Planetory Gems, Planetary Gemology, Wearing the Wrong Gem Can Lead to Illness, Section VI The Mysterious Pyramid, Inside the Pyramid-Some Experiences, Whither Medicine, Alternative Methods of Healing, Whither Alternative Therapies, Alternative Therapies in Modern Society, New Discoveries of Twentieth Century, Section VII Dyspepsia, Allergic Rhinitis and its Treatment, Asthma and its Treatment, Aches and Pains, Fever and Its Management, Oral Hygiene and Treatment, The Role of Bacteria in the Production of Diseases, Dietetics, Children's Diseases and Alternate Medicine, Ancient vs modern Prevention is Better Then Cure, Changing Pattern of Society, Section VIII My Experience in England, Trip to Bangalore, Seminar at Bangalore and Mumbai, The Healing Methods of Dr. A. K. Bhattacharya, Life is I Saw it, Children Diseases and Homoeopathy.

Objective Review in Internal Combustion Engines and Automobile Engineering

Contents, Part I: Internal Combustion Engines, Objective Types Questions, Part II: Automobile Engineering, Objective Questions.

Extraction of Nonferrous Metals

Contents, Preface, 1 Early Development in Metal Extraction, 2 Principles of Metal Extraction, 3 Minerals, Ores, and Methods of Beneficiation, 4 General Methods of Extraction, 5 General Methods of Refining, 6 Extraction of Metals from Oxides, 7 Extraction of Metals from Sulphide Ores, 8 Extrication of Metals from Halides, 9 Precious Metals, 10 Secondary Metals and Utilization of Metallurgical Wastes, Appendix (I) Some minerals and their formulae, Appendix (II) Selected physical properties of metals, Appendix (III) Physical conductivity of metals, Appendix (IV) Thermal conductivity of metals, Appendix (V) Electrical Resistivity of metals, Appendix (VI) Thermal neutron absorption cross-sections of possible structural materials in ascending order of absorption cross-section (for 2200 m/sec neutron velocity), Appendix (VII) Vapour pressures of some metals and corresponding temperatures (Temperature in K for various partial pressures in atmosphere), Index.

Principles of Population Studies

Contents: 1 Population Studies: nature and Scope, 2 Sources of Population Data, 3 World Population: Growth and distribution, 4 Population Growth in India, 5 Population theories, 6 Population Structure and Characteristics, 7 Mortality, 8 Fertility-I, 9 Fertility-II, 10 Migration, 11 Population Distribution Geographic Areas and Classification of Residence, 12 Labour Force, 13 Population Policies, 14 India's Population Policy, Appendices, ( 1st Ed. 1978, 18th revised ed. 2006, 19th ed.)

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