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A rare 1st ed Kafka, Fahrenheit 451, Japan's Noh plays, Ancient Greece, Malayan wildflowers, Monumental Java, Hans Andersen, Peking Court and Thomas Aquinas.

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We present some collectable and important books from the East and the West.

First off, we have a rare first English-language edition of Kafka's mysterious novel The Castle. It has recently been re-bound in a full leather binding, and will last for another generation!

We move from the Castle to the Court of Peking, an account of political intrigue in China from the 16th to the 20th centuries. Our copy has an interesting provenance - see below. And we move from China to Japan in the form of Arthur Waley's legendary translation of The No Plays of Japan, which is probably the best English-language book on the subject ever written.

On our region we present two first edition books: Common Malayan Wildflowers by M R Henderson and Monumental Java by J F Scheltema — both by significant authorities on their respective subjects. 

On the invasion of British Malaya by Japan in World War II, M R Henderson escaped from Singapore to Sumatra. He travelled from there via Colombo to Durban in South Africa, where he continued to do botanical work at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden for the remainder of the war. He returned to Singapore in 1946 and was appointed acting Director of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. 

J F Scheltema was the editor of the Batavian Newspaper in Indonesia around the year 1900, and came into conflict with the colonial authorities. Scheltema was also given a one-month prison sentence after strongly criticizing individual senior officials, the postal service and particularly the opium policy.

Books burn at the temperature of Fahrenheit 451 in Ray Bradbury's famous sci-fi novel, here presented as an edition from the '70s in very good condition. 

Finally, there are some popular classics - Stories from Hans Andersen with illustrations by Edmund Dulac, the writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas in a beautiful black leather edition, and a nice copy of the Tales of Ancient Greece, suitable for young adult readers.


Many more books on the website! Enjoy and see you soon!



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