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Our Mom Has Cancer

A humorous, honest, and hopeful account of the year that Abigail and Adrienne's mother underwent treatment for breast cancer. 

Abigail Ackermann (author) & Adrienne Ackermann (author)
Publication Date: Jan 2002

My Sister Beth's Pink Birthday

It describes how to build up a healthy, solid and durable relationship between siblings. Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers that provides more information about sibling dynamics and relationships, and strategies for dealing with tensions.

Marlene L. Szymona (author) & Christine Battuz (Illustrated by)
Publication Date: Aug 2014


Not Every Princess

Who do you want to be: a princess? Pirate? Teacher or scientist? And where would you like to play: a castle? Pirate ship? Library or spacelab? Your imagination and thoughts can create pictures and scenes, the most beautiful, amazing, picturesque dreams! This is filled with useful advice and strategies to help children imagine, play, and ultimately envision and inspire themselves beyond the limited roles and expectations that gender stereotypes create.

Jeffrey Bone (author), Lisa Bone (author) & Valeria Docampo (Illustrated by)
Publication Date: Jun 2014

Ouch Moments

When a bee stings, Ouch! When your finger gets caught in a closing door, that hurts too. Hearing a mean or hurtful word hurts a lot, too. When other kids say something mean or hurtful, it is hard to know what to do. This book explains these “ouch moments” in child-friendly terms, offering practical strategies for what children can do to help, and empowers them to stand up to mean and hurtful language.

Michael Genhart (author) & Viviana Garofoli (Illustrated by)
Publication Date: Oct 2015

Bumblebee Bike

When David wants something, he wants it right away. So when David sees his friend Payton's Superman, he borrows it. Well, he sort of borrows it. He borrows it without asking. In fact, David has a secret treasure chest of things he's borrowed without asking. But when someone takes David's prize possession — his bumblebee bike — he realizes how borrowing without asking makes other people feel, and sets out to make things right.

Sandra Levins (author) & Claire Keay (Illustrated by)
Publication Date: Jun 2014


How I Learn

How I Learn

Introduces the concept of a learning disability in concrete terms for younger students. This supportive and upbeat story reassures readers that they are capable, and can use "smart strategies" to help themselves learn.

Brenda S. Miles (author), Colleen A. Patterson (author) & Jane Heinrichs (Illustrated by)
Publication Date: Aug 2014



 Boss No More

What happens when one kid thinks he can always choose the game played on the playground? Who can play and who cannot? Who is the BOSS? Lucas tries to be that kid, but his friends have had enough! A Note to Parents and Caregivers explains how children learn to solve problems and deal with social conflicts, and suggests ways for parents to help guide their children through the rough spots of normal childhood development.

Estelle Meens (author) & Estelle Meens (Illustrated by)
Publication Date: Apr 2014



Jacob Has Cancer

A special colouring book for the friends and classmates of children with cancer. As you colour, you'll learn what cancer is, what your friend is going through, how you can help, and how much your help means to your friend.

Heather Cooper (author), Heather Paschal (author), Melanie Williams (author) & Lindsey McMillion (Illustrated by)
Publication Date: Jun 2009

Our Dad is Getting Better

Reflects the love and support that parents were able to provide to their kids not only during their cancer treatment, but in the unexpected "New Normal" life after treatment. This book explains situations such as: the need for continued visits to the doctor; the importance of observing healthy habits; and how to be helpful around the house.

Alex Silver (author), Emily Silver (author) & Anna Rose Silver (author)
Publication Date: Sep 2007
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