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5 Tips To Your Most Frighteningly Fantastic Halloween

By Jess Jordan.

We have a special scary Halloween this year

I’m one of “those” people who gets giddy at the first sight of festivity – whether it’s for the sake of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, or the New Year. Anything festive is bound to grab my attention, so my recent internet search history would make the Grinches of the world roll their eyes in disgust. But I just can’t help it! Halloween is upon us, and my joy will not be quenched! And I’m here to share that joy with you, in the form of five easy-peasy ways to make your Halloween the most frighteningly fantastic it’s ever been.


Make Your Halloween as Healthy As It Is Sweet

Healthy Halloween Apples

Kids and adults alike are inundated with sugar, sugar, and more sugar at Halloween. It’s both the best and worst part of the holiday, after all. It’s the perfect excuse to let the diet go a bit, because what is Halloween with out all the candy? But when the guilt becomes too much, having a healthier alternative up your sleeve can make all the difference in maintaining your health.

Try this delicious take on plain apples, mummified for your enjoyment, from the blog Two Healthy Kitchens. It might even be fun enough to convince the kiddo-s to nom on something good for them.


Do It Yourself: A Halloween Craft-ivity

Do It Yourself: A Halloween Craft-ivity


You can’t truly get into the spirit of Halloween without creating something even more fantastic than it is frightful. Whether you’re attempting to entertain the little ones with short attention spans or you’re just wanting something fun and simple to do with your hands, consider creating something that will liven any space it adorns.   This adorably decorative Halloween yarn garland craft, dreamed up by Growing Up Abel, is easy enough for anyone aged two to one-hundred-two, and looks adorable to boot.


Create A Haunting Home

Boo Halloween cusion

To most folks, a home that isn’t scary isn’t quite fit for Halloween. And stores everywhere have already lined their shelves with spooky home-goods, and your options are limitless!

Halloween spooky goods

In case you haven’t heard, Target is now available WORLDWIDE, and a simple search on their international site reveals hundreds of décor items specifically made to fulfill your deepest Halloween desires. From pillows galore to sweet-doggo skeletons, you just can’t go wrong!

Halloween skeleton

Dress To Scare Or Dress To Impress…The Choice Is Yours!

Halloween costume shops have expanded to include online retail sites that are just as big as, if no bigger than, brick and mortar locations. They have offerings for the scariest ghouls and the prettiest princesses, and everything in between. What’s even better is that many of them ship worldwide.

To find costumes from an internationally available retailer with thousands of options, check out Halloween Express.


Keep It Creative With Festive Makeup Tones

If you just aren’t that into dressing up, you don’t have to forego the festive attire completely! You can glam up your face to don black and orange, or any other array of festive Halloween-inspired tones and colors.

To find some fantastic ideas, check out or, and do a simple “Halloween makeup” search. You’ll find exquisite step-by-step tutorials that will have you looking like an expert makeup artist in no time, like these:

Halloween makeup tutorial



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