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Your Holiday Guide to Shopping: Something for Everyone

If you’re in the minority who finished Christmas shopping by the close of Black Friday, congratulations. You’re a hundred steps ahead of the rest of us! And for those of you who have only just begun checking off your Christmas list, you understand that just because Black Friday is over doesn’t mean your shopping is finished, too. Knowing what to buy for everyone in your life is hard! That’s why I’ve compiled this list: to help you know the best gifts for everyone on your list, giving you one less thing to fret about this holiday season.

For The Tech Junkie

We all have that one loved one who’s always ahead of the curb when it comes to technology. They’re so hard to buy for because they either already have all the latest gadgets, or they know so much about it all that you’re afraid you might buy something with the wrong amount of storage or that’s a generation behind the newest developments. In this case, consider something that’s out of their realm of expertise but that nods to some of their interests.

Gift for the Tech Junkie

Every tech junkie has sleepless nights playing with new gadgets or standing in line for the next iPhone. Give them something that’ll actually come in handy when they really, truly need to stay caffeinated, like his quality thermos with a catchy phrase.

For the Lumberjack

No matter how manly a guy may be, he always wants to appear coiffed. In his own way at least! And what better way to help him do this than to give him the tools he needs in maintaining his burly, majestic beard? A beard-grooming set is perfect, because it’s something that will help him step up his beard-game, and he’d never think to buy it for himself. Even the men in your life deserve to be pampered.

Gift for the Lumberjack

For the Glamazon

In the world of makeup and glamor, there are so many cult favorites, different textures and shades, and so many price ranges to choose from that picking a gift for a man or woman who loves to doll themselves up can be more than just challenging – it’s downright intimidating.

Gift for the Glamazon

But if you keep up with the beauty community, you’ll notice there are certain all-around favorites that suit every skin type and tone and can befit just about every taste or style. Take, for example, this eyeshadow palette by Morphe – everyone needs an eyeshadow palette to complete a makeup look – with a broad range of both warm and cool neutrals. It’s made for everyone!

For Mom

Most moms are nothing if not sentimental. Their favorite gifts remind them of something special between the two of you, but if you’re just totally at a loss for what to get her this year give her something she can wear to remember you, and maybe your brothers and sisters if you have them. A locket charm necklace is an easy way to please mom, but it’s also a built-in gift for later.

Gift for Mom

You can always buy her more charms! Your and your siblings’ birth stones and even some cute phrases can be nestled right into the locket on display for the world to see.

For Dad

This gift isn’t just for Dad: it’s for anyone who loves to grill! But let’s face it. Dads have quite a reputation for loving to be the one to grill the burgers and marinade the steak. That’s why, even though he might never admit it, he needs an apron. It’ll protect his clothes, of course, but the most convenient part of a grill apron is that it has pockets galore for his brushes, spatulas, and grilling necessities.

Gift for Dad

Everything will be right at hand, and he won’t have to bug mom to constantly run back inside to grab his next accessory. It’ll already be on him.

For the Coffee Lover

Unless you’re a coffee lover yourself, you’d probably never even dream of picking a roast for your aficionado-friend! Do they like dark or light roast? Whole bean or ground? Do they prefer Fair Trade? The list goes on, so unless you’re just as snobby about coffee, spare yourself the headache and think outside the box for your coffee-shop-regular of a friend. You can never go wrong with a quality accessory, and if you buy something a little off-kilter but tried and true, you’ll rest assured that your gift will be a welcome addition to a coffee collection.

Gift for the Coffee Lover

Consider this pour-over coffee maker from Chemex, a well-trusted brand, to give your loved one a new way to try brewing that morning Joe.

For the Craft Beer Snob

You know that friend who refuses to drink a Bud Light because it’s not small-batch enough? The friend who couldn’t stand the idea of sipping anything without just the right balance of hops and malt? The friend who would love nothing more than visiting a new brewery on the weekend? Well, I’m that friend. And I’m here to tell you that there’s no better gift for us craft beer snobs than the chance to learn to make small batches in our own homes. That’s why you can’t go wrong with an at-home beer brewing kit for your friends like me.

Gift for the Craft Beer Snob

And if you’re the kind of friends who hang out often, it’s also a great opportunity to do it together and learn a little more about what makes their beer-loving minds tick.

You see, no matter what interests those on your holiday shopping list, with a little creativity you can easily step up your gift-giving game. You don’t need to settle for something generic like a gift card or cash, because even if your loved one is missing from this list you can think outside the box to find something unique, special, and something that shows them just how much you care to think of them.


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