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What to Buy for the Hostess With the Mostest During the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and that means parties, parties, and more parties! From office celebrations to family dinners, we’ll all be invited to festivities galore. And as delightful as these things are, anytime I’m invited to a holiday party I have that moment of panic, not knowing what to bring to show my gratitude to whomever is hosting the event. I know how much work goes into entertaining guests, and I want to contribute the best possible something-special to show the hostess my appreciation. That’s why I’ve developed a repertoire of a few favorite go-to hostess gifts for specific occasions that have proven to be tried and true, and that’s what I’ll share with you today. So keep reading!

For the Host of Family Dinners and Small Gatherings

I don’t know about your family, but Christmas is one of the few times of the year that my entire family gets together under one roof, dresses in our finest, and gathers around an ornately decorated table to enjoy time together. We each bring a holiday dish to contribute to the meal, but I like to bring a little something extra for the lucky couple who has volunteered to host. After all, they’ve opened up their home to the family’s shenanigans, and they deserve something special! One of my favorite gifts for events like these is simple and affordable.

Mainstays Candle Jar Set, Warm Apple Pie, 5 pieces

The host isn’t expecting a gift, after all, but something simple and sweet is the least I can offer! Walmart stocks their shelves and online pages to the brim with holiday-themed candle sets during the Christmas season, and I’ve found these to be just perfect. They can be wrapped with bows and placed in gift baskets, or broken up and given individually to more than one host or hostess.

Mainstays Candle Jar Set, Warm Apple Pie, 5 pieces


For the Hostess who Loves Party Games

Some hostesses appreciate a good time more than anything and will simply request you bring a small gift for a fun gift exchange game! We’ve all played Dirty Santa or White Elephant games, which usually dictate a gift around the $10 range. This is when it gets fun. There are some insanely creative gifts out there that are perfect for these games, some serious and wonderful, others hilarious gag-gifts that liven the mood with lots of laughter. If you’re looking to supply the gift everyone will fight over, you can NEVER go wrong with a Starbucks gift card.

Starbucks Gift Card

With locations all over the world, your friends will enjoy a complimentary cup of delight no matter where their holiday travels take them. But if you’re looking to add some laughs to the games, consider something that’s hilarious but is actually sort of practical for those who dread upcoming holiday family gatherings, like an oversized flask.

BF Systems KTFLASK18 Maxam Stainless Steel Flask, 18 oz


For the Office Holiday Party

This is a tricky one. There’s so much etiquette involved in office holiday parties that it can be extremely difficult to determine what’s appropriate to bring with you. But because the boss is the usually the technical host of the office party, it’s a safe bet to assume you shouldn’t forget him or her when it comes to bringing a little something-something. If you know your boss well, you can pick a gift that’s specifically geared toward his or her interests, but if you don’t then something generic is just fine. A gift card to a local restaurant is always a safe bet, but there are also many other options that can be perfect as well. You can’t go wrong with food, because everyone loves to eat, so something themed for the holidays can show your employer how much you appreciate your position at the company and your place in each others’ lives.

Spicy Hot Chocolate Macarons

If you’re aiming to impress with your culinary skills, thischocolate-spicy macaroonsrecipe speaks for itself and will definitely make an impression. But if you’re not much of a cook, presentation can make a bold statement with a classically-wrapped series of flavored nuts.

Happy Holiday, Gourmet Salted Nuts Assortment in 5 Tin Tier Tower



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