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Online shopping is so much fun, but it can also disappoint you sometimes. Disappoint you? Yes, we all have a bad bargain in our closet, am I right? Sometimes a garment looked really good on the model, but not that good on you. Or the size you always have does so not fits you. We all recognize these mistakes, but therefore we review all different kind of products from all over the world, so you know what to expect. This time we will talk about Wallis, an aspirational, premium high street brand based in the UK.

A little about Wallis

The brand has a strong British heritage – first store opened in London 1932. At the heart of Wallis is an understanding of real women. ‘’We believe in women as individuals not stereotypes, we want women to look and feel the best they can. This is reflected in our design philosophy. We design clothes that allow real women to look great. Wallis clothing is available in US size 4-16 with dedicated petite clothing for women 5'3'' and under. Wallis dresses today’s woman with distinctively designed clothes for a modern contemporary look that makes her feel confident and special, whatever the occasion. Quality of fit and fabric is paramount as it’s the brands aim to provide a welcoming and enjoyable shopping experience.’’

Why did I choose Wallis?

While I was online shopping, searching for a perfect black blouse, I ran into Wallis. Their advertisement with ‘SALE’ passed by on The word ‘SALE’ had me at first sight, so I clicked on the ad and went online shopping on their website. While I was in the SALE category it was very easy to find the perfect blouse. I just filtered on the product, tops, and the color, black, and there it was, the perfect blouse I was looking for.


I was so enthusiastic about my new blouse that I couldn’t wait to receive it. I had chosen for standard delivery, which means they deliver within 4 working days. The 3th of March, which was on a Thursday, I placed my order. The 8th of March I received my blouse, so it only took three working days! The blouse was well packed in a plastic bag that looked like a handbag, made with up to 25% recycled plastic. At the bottom there was the well-known dotted line with scissors referring to cut along the dotted line when opening to re-use the bag. Very handy when you want to return an item! After pulling the blouse out of the plastic back, it was covered in plastic again. Along with the blouse came a hand full of paper with the order details and a return post label (that I couldn’t use because I don’t live in the UK, but more about that later). Wallis even send the clothes hanger with the size label. Overall the blouse was well packed!



The black see-through blouse had a loose fit, full length sleeve and was asymmetric which gave it an stylish edge. The blouse was also delivered with a shirt to wear under your blouse. I ordered size S because it should fit according the size guide on their website. Also the model on the website, which has the same size as me (as it looked like), was wearing size S. But we all know that we should not let ourselves be fooled by a model, right? (A little note to myself, again!) After fitting the blouse I realized that this was not the blouse I had hoped for. Unfortunately it was way too big.



So what do we do with clothes you order and are to big? Yes, send them back! Don’t keep it, because it is a waste of your money. Don’t think: ‘’maybe I will wear it someday’’, because you won’t, believe me. All I had to do was putting the blouse back in the re-useable plastic bag, go to a post office and return it to the UK. I thought I could return the package with the return labels Wallis send along the blouse, but that’s only possible if you live in the UK, so I had to pay €9 by myself… Why send the labels along Wallis? But after a few weeks (on the 23th of March) I received my money back on my account.


Overall conclusion

When I ask myself if I would shop online again at Wallis, I have to say no, unfortunately. Despite the good service and quick delivery, they do not have the size that I need. Their size S is just a little bigger than a regular size S. The website also doesn’t communicate clearly about their return policy. I paid €20 for the blouse, €6 shipping costs and €9 to return the blouse. And I only got my €20  back on my account.
Have you ever had an bad experience with returning products? Let me know and leave a comment below!
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