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Valentine's Day Gift Giving Guide

Valentine’s Day is definitely one of the more polarizing holidays during the year. Some of us love the sentimentality of a day about love, while others of us hate the holiday for reminding us that we’re either single or don’t find the whole “romance” factor to be natural for us. If you belong to the latter end of the spectrum, let me take some of the pressure off the holiday by offering some suggestions for your gift giving. Once you’ve picked the perfect gift for that special someone, the intimidation around attempting to be romantic can give way to an effortless day of showing your love to the person you adore.

Know Who You’re Buying For

First, you need to know your subject. If the person you care for values something sentimental more than something expensive, don’t even consider a trip to the jewelry store! Or if your special someone is awed by sparkly gifts with a bigger price tag, you don’t need to think much further than something expensive and sparkly. While I prefer a day of memories – doing something out of the ordinary and exciting – with my significant other, many of my friends would feel most loved by receiving something timeless and pricey in a tiny little box. Here are three gift ideas for three different kinds of people you could show your love for on Valentine’s Day.

A DIY for the Sentimental Softie

Sweet and Sentimental Shadow Box

The most common ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts usually involve diamonds and precious metals. But the truth is that not everyone appreciates expensive jewels as much as you might think. To some, something you can make with your own two hands means more than anything in the world, because your time and effort is a gift in and of itself.
For something that’ll remind your loved one of all the amazing times you’ve had together, consider putting together a shadow box of reminders of your memories. You can frame tickets to events you’ve attended, mementos from your favorite experiences together, and more. This step-by-step DIY is a great place to start if you need inspiration, but remember to make modifications so that your shadow box is a representation of YOUR relationship with your loved one!

A Posh Surprise for the Lover of Jewels

Eucalyptus Diamond Earrings

Sure, some prefer something sentimental and handmade, but there are still plenty who value something timeless and sparkly that will last a lifetime. You can always visit your local jeweler or a chain location at your mall, but if you want something extra special, take a gander at Brilliant Earth, a worldwide online jewelry store with pieces that are as unique as they are classic. They have an entire selection of gifts that are under $250, so even if your budget is a bit more modest you can show your love in a way that will last all the ages of your relationship to come

An Adventure for Someone who Values an Experience

But not everyone would be as wow-ed by a physical gift as they would be an experience. Anyone would appreciate some lovely jewelry or a sentimental hand-made gift, but if the person you love has a sense of adventure you might want want to consider placing your money into an experience that’ll show them how much you know what they love.

If you love to travel with your someone special, there are many ways to plan and keep track of your itinerary so that no snags or delays can get in the way of your fun together. TripIt is a fantastic paid app designed to manage your trip anywhere in the world, keeping track of all your tickets and reservations in one place so your adventure is seamless and full of memories instead of stress.

But you don’t have to leave town to give your loved one the experience of a lifetime. You can visit museums, breweries, wineries, concerts, and comedy shows together, or even just enjoy a spontaneous day out in a nearby city that you aren’t familiar with. You can use a service like Eventbrite to locate any and every experience, no matter what it is you and your special someone enjoy doing. 

So just remember this: consider what your loved one enjoys, and let that guide your Valentine’s Day gift giving. If you truly know and love your special someone, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift without a hitch no matter what it is they’re fond of.  Don’t let the pressure of romance get to you, because for the same reason your SOS loves you they’ll love whatever it is you give them and they’ll cherish it forever.


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