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Too good to be true

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What would you do if you see the words SALE and 90% passing by? It would definitely got your attention right? Well, it got mine! I’m a big fan of online shopping, especially when it comes to great shopping deals like discount coupons and daily online deals. But with all that temptation you sometimes choose the wrong deal and end up with stuff that you never use or wear. Today I will be talking about that kind of situation.
While I was looking for a new coat at shoponline.support I passed by the famous website LightInTheBox.com. For the ones who don’t know this website, LightInTheBox is a global online retail company that delivers products directly to consumers around the world. You can find all kind of different products on this website, from a wedding dress to things for your garden. On their homepage they always have a flash sale, things you can buy for a very nice price!

But why did I choose LightInTheBox?

Well, as I told before, I saw an amazing flash sale passing by that got my attention. A very nice looking coat had a 90% discount. The coat would normally cost €259,90 and with the amazing discount only €25,90. I had to pay €12 delivery cost to ship it to the Netherlands, but with such an discount I didn’t mind that at all. This coat must be amazing if it normally cots that much, right? On the pictures below you can see the coat as I ordered it.
Picture from LightInTheBoxPicture from LightInTheBox


I couldn’t wait for my new coat to arrive. The website says it would take about 20 days to deliver but I received the coat after 5 weeks! But hey, it was very cold in the Netherlands so I still could wear the coat. There is only one problem. The coat and the faux fur collar weren’t neatly folded and stayed that way for over 5 weeks while it was on its way to the Netherlands. So when I received the package and unpacked the coat it was all creased.
How I received the coatThe coat wraped up in plastic


When I unpacked the creased coat I thought I would leave it hanging for a week and then the creases would disappear on their own. But after two weeks they were still there. So I tried to steam it with my iron. That didn’t work either. I can’t iron it normally because the coat is all polyester. Maybe I should just wear the coat and then the creases will disappear? Even that didn’t work. I’m having and wearing the coat for over more than 2 months now and it is still creased.
Wearing the coat, creased and allBack of the coat with the creases
I also want to say something about the size. I ordered a size M because it was the smallest size they had. My sister is wearing the coat on the pictures and she normally has a size XS/S, but it fits perfectly. So you can say their size M fits like a normal XS/S.
details of the coat feax fur collar and assymetric zipper 

Overall conclusion

Well, the title of this blogpost says it all; this deal was too good to be true. I must say I was a little skeptical about this deal because a polyester coat could never cost €259,90, right? And when I’m comparing the pictures on the website with my own it is a really big difference. The coat on their pictures looks like a high-class product (that could cost that much) but in real the coat looks like a secondhand and old coat. I wouldn’t recommend buying a coat on the website LightInTheBox, and I want to warn you all about misleading discount deals. Sometimes it just is too good to be true!
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The coat without the faux fur collarThe coat without the faux fur collar
Walking with the creased coat onWalking with the creased coat on
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