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Hi everyone!
If you’re throwing a party soon or having a wedding coming up, you should read this blog! Today I will be talking about a new way to change a boring room into a warm and romantic atmosphere by only using balloons.
In a few day’s I’m having a little party. While I was looking for the party decoration in the back of the closet I realized I’m always using the same decoration. So it’s time for something else, something more creative. I went online shopping on and found the perfect website;

A little about is a Hong Kong-based online shopping site who specializes in selling globally a wide range of inexpensive electronic goods and other related items. Some of the most popular gadgets available on Tinydeal include toys, cell phones and computer accessories, rechargeable batteries and chargers, and other novelty items.


Why did I choose

While I was searching on the website for some new decoration I found the coolest thing ever; LED light-up balloons. I wouldn’t be honest if I say I didn’t searched for cheaper LED balloons on the internet, but that’s the whole issue, I couldn’t find any cheaper LED balloons. Though is based in Hong Kong, which is on the other side of the world, there balloons (including shipping costs) are the cheapest I could find on the internet. explaining their low prices: ‘’Most importantly, while people from countries nearby China are enjoying the wide range China-made goods at relatively low price, we are dedicating ourselves to bring the same products to another side of the world at the similar price as you would paid if you were in China.’’


When you order something at the other side of the world, you can expect a long shipping time. I placed my order at the 22th of March and received the balloons two weeks later. To be honest I was a little surprised because I thought it would take a month. The balloons where packed up in an envelope with bubble airbags to prevent any damage. After opening the package I found the balloons in two plastic bags, and of course unharmed because of the bubble airbags.


So, let’s talk about the balloons. As you can see on the pictures the balloons have a black tag with an big red arrow and the word; PULL. You have to remove the tag by pulling carefully the tag out of the balloon. The first time I was a little to exited and pulled the tag out to hard. The little LED light then comes loose. So be careful while doing this.
After removing the tag you can inflate the balloon just like a normal balloon. You can also fill the balloon with helium so it can fly. But what do you think about using them in a pond or pool in your backyard? There are so many creative ways to use the LED light balloons. I used them on my stairs, and it looks great right? To make sure they stay up with the convex side up, you can put a coin into the nozzle of the balloon.
Overall conclusion
I ordered 20 pieces, just to make sure I have enough for my upcoming party. I had an 5% discount coupon to use for my first purchase, so I only paid €5,68 and I didn’t had to pay any shipping costs! The balloons are glowing for about a week. The first two days they shine the brightest, so if you are having a party I would inflate them at the day of the party itself, not some days before. Overall I’m very content about the balloons from; they work great, are creative, give a romantic/festive atmosphere and are very cheap. Let’s get this party started!
Do you have any experience with or LED balloons? Let me know by leaving a comment below.
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