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The Effortlessly Chic Rulebook: 3 Steps To Easygoing Style

We all know that one woman who can do no wrong when it comes to style: whether attending a banquet or running a marathon, they somehow always just get it right. Even a hiking trip is an opportunity to ooze taste, and somehow without looking like they even tried at all. While this may come more naturally to some of us than it does to others, becoming the one in your group whose flawless style can’t be ignored is by no means out of your grasp.

Just channel your inner style pro to harness the fashionista in you each time you get dressed, and you’ll be admired for your laid-back perfection each time you step out the door. But if you need a little extra help, that’s what I’m here for. Keep reading for three easy steps to becoming the best-dressed on the block.

Step 1: Own Yourself!

The first thing to remember when striving to embrace your inner chic-queen is to know yourself, and remember what suits you! If you’re an athletic person and you try to completely alter yourself to grasp your “ideal” glam style, you’ll look out of place anywhere you go. But if you embrace everything that’s true to who you are – your body shape, your personality, and your preferences – you’ll be able to rock your own spin on even the most trendy – and classic – styles. Anything that makes you feel out of place will also make you look out of place, so to avoid looking like you’re “trying too hard”, always wear what makes you feel confident.

Your style is nothing if not an extension of your own personality, so use the next two steps to discover what styles you’ll pull together to accentuate who you already are as a fashionista. If you use this step as the foundation of every outfit, you’ll have mastered the most important aspect of dressing to impress.

Step 2: Keep It Simple, Silly

Once you’ve figured out what looks good on your shape, what speaks to your personality, and what works according to your taste, you’ll eventually be tempted to branch out in some crazy directions, testing trends to the limit of your personality. But one thing all effortless fashionistas have in common is that they exude an air of ease, which translates into simplicity in most of their wardrobe pieces.

off the shoulder sweater

In other words, resist the temptation to buy too many risk-taking pieces. Instead, opt for mostly basics with a flair, like this off-the-shoulder sweater. Because “basic” doesn’t have to mean “boring”, the thing that sets style apart from clothing are the little pops of that something extra that make each piece a work of art. If you stick with basics that broadcast your originality, you can choose from a wide range of pieces for any given occasion to bring your look together instead of ending up with a wardrobe of clashing items that don’t pair well.

Step 3: Know What’s In Your Closet

Speaking of pairings, it’s essential that you know what’s in your closet! I can guarantee you that the one in your friend group who gets all the compliments on fashion values organization enough to always have a great view of what’s available for the wearing, and they’ve practiced pairings enough to know what “works” for them. Utilizing shelves and multiple hanging rods, as seen in this free-standing closet organization rack.

Deluxe Double Rod Freestanding Closet


But the most important factor in becoming effortlessly chic is practice, because with time, consideration, and plenty of experience, anyone can nail a style of their own. If the goal is to appear naturally stylish, then the only way to become a natural is to take your time in curating a wardrobe that pulls together with ease. In time you’ll have a firm grasp on what’s in your closet and what looks good together, creating a firm foundation for your inner fashionable beauty to shine.


By Jess Jordan

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