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If you don’t like spiders, like me, you should read this blog! I’m reviewing a must-have gadget for everyone who doesn’t like spiders in their house. When I was visiting the website IWOOT (I Want One Of Those), my eye got caught on the Spider Catcher. A what? A Spider Catcher? Yes, this gadget catches spiders, moths, butterflies, crane flies and other stinging insects.

I Want One Of Those (also referred to as IWOOT) is an online retailer, based in the UK, offering a selection of homeware, gadgets, gizmos, toys and office accessories as well as organized adventures.



We ordered the Spider Catcher the 7th of February, and after 5 day’s it arrived here in The Netherlands. The package was a little bigger than expected, but so was the Spider Catcher! When I opened the big and long box there was some plastic filled with air to protect the product. It did its job because the Spider Catcher was unharmed. The nylon 'grabber' bristles have double protection. The front of the catcher is wrapped in plastic, with the description on the front and back. After removing the plastic, the nylon bristles have a hard plastic bristle protector.




The Spider Catcher is a handy little device that allows you to rid your home of those evil eight-legged critters without having to resort to squashing them in a tissue. The long pole is good for people who like to keep spiders at arm’s length. We all know spiders like to hide in little corners, but because of this long pole you can even reach them there. I couldn’t wait to try the Spider Catcher, so I went spider hunting in my own house. And guess what, I couldn’t find a single spider. I think they had heard me... But fortunately the Spider Cather comes with a fake spider! The little movie below shows how the Spider Catcher catches the fake spider. The bristles hold the spider long enough to bring it safe outside. 




I am very content about their customer service. When I ordered the Spider Catcher I received an email with my purchase information. I also received an email when my package was send my way with a link to track my order. On the day of delivery I got a text message with the estimated time of arrival.


I can highly recommend the Spider Catcher to anyone who’s afraid of spiders, or just doesn’t like unwanted critters in their house. It’s also a great gift for example Mother’s day (just a little hint)!



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