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Smartphone Projector

Hi everyone!
It is time for a very cool gadget! This blog is for all the smartphone, video and DIY lovers out there. The DIY-trend has been for a while now and doesn’t seem to disappear. Which I don’t mind because I love the DIY-trend. So it isn’t surprising I'm looking for a fun DIY project online from time to time. While I was searching online for some gadgets on the website Tmart, my eye got caught on a DIY smartphone projector. An awesome gadget that you have to put together yourself?! Well, that sounded cool enough for me! is a leading e-marketplace in the consumer electronics products industry. ‘’We are offering customers with wide and better product selection, competitive price, superior pre-sale and after-sale services, and an efficient e-procurement platform to streamline the purchasing process.’’


When you order a product online, you normally receive an email to confirm your purchase. But after I placed my order I didn’t receive any email. As a matter of fact, I haven’t received an email at all. So I was a little anxious whether I would receive the package, but after 16 days it arrived here in The Netherlands. The projector parts were packed in a box that was wrapped up in air bubble plastic. When I opened the box I found all the parts I needed to put the projector together, which included part A, part B, the lens and all kind of small loose parts. You can find the description on the inside of the box.
Tmart smartphone projector package Tmart smartphone projector package unpacked
Tmart smartphone projector box Tmart smartphone projector manual inside the box


All right, now I can start constructing the projector. I only needed some superglue to put all the parts together. And the manual was very clearly, so I did it in no time. It really was very easy, begin with part A, and glue A1 onto A1, and A2 onto A2 etc. Do the same thing with part B. Put part A into part B and voila you have yourself a projector. Don’t forget to apply the beamer high quality glass lens with 8x magnification and smartphone silicone grip pad and you’re ready to watch a video from your own phone onto your own wall. The video below shows how to build the projector.
Tmart smartphone projector front view Tmart smartphone projector side view
Are you wondering if it really works? Well, the pictures below show how the beamer projects photo’s on a wall. Unfortunately it wasn’t a very large screen, about the size of an A3 paper size. I couldn’t get a bigger screen because the farther away the projector stood at the wall, the blurrier the image became. You have to slide part A back and forth into part B to focus. Below you can see some pictures of an A3 paper size photo (I used some pictures from other blogs to show how an image will be projected onto a wall). You also have to rotate your smartphone screen or else it will project the image or video upside down (because the lens is rotating your image).
Tmart smartphone projector projected onto wall Tmart smartphone projector projected onto wall
Tmart smartphone projector projected onto wall Tmart smartphone projector projected onto wall

My conclusion

Before I ordered the projector I first read the description. They say it is extremely suitable for kids due to its funny and amazing projection. And it must bring unexpected fun to please them. Well, I have to agree. I think kids will really love this, especially because you first have to put the projector together yourself. The projector is now available for an awesome price of only €14,50 including shipping costs, and that’s a very nice price for what you’re getting! I would recommend it to any (grand)parent as a surprising gift for your kids.
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