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Let’s talk about hair. Curly, straight, wavy, frizzy, we all have our own hair type. And we love to color, bleach, blow-dry and straighten our hair. But there’s a price we have to pay; damaged hair. To repair our damaged hair we use all kind of different products which we believe they can fix our hair, but instead they are filled with chemicals and preservatives. Don’t stress out, because there is hope! Hello Hair Hydrating Mask is a 100% natural treatment. Hello Hair is using the benefits of Coconut, Almond and Argan oils to reconstruct and strengthen stressed out and damaged hair. 
Hello Hair is Australian made & owned, contains 100% natural ingredients, is vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Why did I choose Hello Hair?

My sister bleached her hair a few months ago. She has a dark brown hair color of her own, so you can imagine how damaged her hair is right now. It’s very difficult to go from a dark color to a highly blonde color, there were even some hairdressers that wouldn’t bleach her hair anymore. It has been two weeks since her last bleach and her hair could use a repair treatment. While I was online shopping the advertisement from Hello Hair got my attention, this could help my sisters hair!


‘’Hello Hair’’ said the blue package on my doormat. On the website it says the mask should be delivered within 4-20 business days (for all International orders), I received the package after 14 days. The hydrating mask was packed with a card with all kind of information; how to use it, how much to use and how to storage.


So, let’s talk about the product. The first thing I did after opening the package was smelling. When it comes to a hair product we all want it to smell good, right? Well it smelled like coconut which isn’t surprising because it is one of the constituents. After smelling I put some of the product in my hand, the color is white yellow and the structure is a bit like conditioner (thicker then shampoo). It even has some hard pieces in it, I guess it’s the coconut. It is also very greasy because of the Argan oils.
So now we know how the product looks and smells, we can begin! We made some before photo’s, so you could see the difference after using the hair mask. We applied the product on dry hair, massaged it into the scalp all the way to the ends. After leaving it in for about 30 minutes we washed my sisters hair like she would normally do. (Don’t forget to wrap your hair in a towel while leaving it in, it will boost the hydrating effect.) At the photo’s below you can see the different between before and after.
Hello Hair Hydration Mask Before 1 Hello Hair Hydration Mask Before 2
Hello Hair Hydration Mask During 1 Hello Hair Hydration Mask During 2
During the hydration mask
Hello Hair Hydration Mask After 1 Hello Hair Hydration Mask After 2

Overall conclusion

I ordered one hydrating mask which contains 100g. I paid $15 for the product and $2,50 shipping costs. The package says you should get 3-4 treatments from each package, but with significant damaged or very long hair you may only get 2-3 treatments from each package. Well, I had to use half of the package… I think it is a very expensive hair mask because you can only use it a few times. But at the other hand it really does what it promises. As you can see on the pictures, my sisters hair is really more hydrated. And that’s only the result after using it once. So my overall conclusion; when your hair is really worth it, you should buy the hydration mask from Hello Hair!
Have you ever tried the hydration mask from Hello Hair? Share your experience by leaving a comment below!
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after using Hello Hair Hydration Mask after using Hello Hair Hydration Mask
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