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Not-Your-Mother’s Maternity Wear

Doesn’t it seem like there’s a certain “look” pregnant women are offered in maternity sections? It’s not necessarily frumpy, per se, but it’s absolutely distinguishable as a sort of less-than-desirable level of style that doesn’t nearly compare to standard clothing. The empire waist lines, the granny-ishfloral prints, the modesty, the high elastic waist bands. It leaves something to be desired when you’re used to living up to a standard of stilettos with a cool leather jacket on a night out with the girls.

So here’s the deal – I’m pregnant, and I don’t feel like I “fit in” with pregnant clothes. I go to the maternity stores at the mall, and it doesn’t work with my style at all. It just doesn’t! I don’t dress like a mom, and I don’t think you should have to, either, if it’s just not you. That’s why when I saw the positive result on that pee-stick-of-destiny, my mission immediately became finding some way – any way! –I could dress for my changing belly without sacrificing my oh-so-fabulous (or sort of fabulous, anyway) style.

maternity fashion


Conquering Maternity Clothes 

Conquering maternity fashion is an art form, no less. Knowing how to dress so that you don’t feel like a tent requires trial and error, but there are some basic principles to follow that will make you feel like a beautiful pregnant queen instead of cow, no matter your size. And you don’t have to sacrifice your edge to do it.


Making Your Older Clothes Work 

One concept to conquer is the concept of making your old wardrobe work for you throughout your pregnancy. It may take some creativity, but you absolutely don’t have to buy an entire new wardrobe of strictly maternity clothing to look your best. You can make new pairings and new outfits with what you already have! Oversized shirts are so in style right now, that a good chunk of your wardrobe is already likely to accommodate a growing bump, like this sweater dress from ASOS.

Sweater Dress

But the real gem, which will look even better pregnant than it did before, is the classic stretchybodycon.

classic stretchybodycon

It’ll show the world exactly how proud you are of your baby bump, and it’ll hug your new curves with a glowing confidence. Pair that with a blazer or leather jacket that shows off your bump, and you’ll be the proudest mommy-to-be wherever you go.


The Fun Part 

But here’s the fun part: you can still wear a lot of your old clothes, but being pregnant is nevertheless an excellent excuse to buy yourself some new wardrobe pieces! You don’t have to completely revamp your wardrobe, but having a few things that are made for your pregnant belly will help you rock it ‘till you just can’t stop it. 

There are a few simple things to look for in maternity clothes that will help you get the most wear out of them. Empire waistlines are always a great option, and this day-dress from ASOS utilizes that to the utmost without sacrificing cool, edgy fashion.

day dress from ASOS


But for days that dresses just aren’t your thing, casual tops are a great go-to.

Asos casual tops


And as versatile as those styles are, the truth isthat every woman needs something in her wardrobe that makes her feel special. Something that stands out and that she can wear when she wants to WOW everyone she sees, and being pregnant doesn’t exclude you from being able to do that! Whether it’s a fancy wardrobe staple for date night, dinner with the girls, or for every special occasion, don’t let being pregnant stop you from owning your beauty. This beautiful going out top is affordable enough that you won’t feel guilty for buying it just for the few months you’re pregnant.

Going out top asos


And you won’t feel anything but trendy in this slimming black jumpsuit that’s cut just for pregnant bellies.

slimming black jumpsuit


So, you see, I didn’t feel like I don’t “fit in” as a pregnant woman because the clothes don’t exist. I just didn’t know how to dress for my changing body so that I feel just as beautiful as I really am. All it took was a little creativity and some wardrobe-searching for me to create a wardrobe catered especially to my beautiful, strong, glowing pregnancy.


Written by Jess Jordan

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